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There is no wrong path to success


Launched in 2017, #NoWrongPath is a social media movement led by the Developing Young Workforce (DYW), which seeks to inspire and reassure young individuals as they receive their exam results.


Scottish Exam Results Day is upon us and while many young people will be celebrating and looking forward to the future, many will be unsure of their next steps. The movement shows that there are many options available to them and that exam results are not the only path to future success.

In solidarity with other employers, we congratulate Scotland's young learners on their achievements despite extraordinary challenges over the past two years and offer support for their futures. We are aiming to show that many people in interesting and exciting job roles may not have taken a straight, obvious, or traditional path to get there.

Remember, careers don't always follow a straight line, and success can come from various paths. #NoWrongPath is here to encourage and empower young minds on their unique journeys.

Read our employees' stories below:

Name: Patrick Rees

Left school to: Study Economics & Business Enterprise at Strathclyde University. Then completed a Masters in Entrepreneurship at the University of Tampa, Florida, in 2018 while working as a tour guide on a cruise ship.

Now: Global Retail Graduate for ScottishPower Completed rotations in Smart Solutions, Business Planning, and Smart/MAP.



Name: Anna Lewis

Left school to: Work for an investment bank while training to be a fully qualified chartered accountant, however it ended up not being her desired path anymore.

Now: Project Management Apprentice with SP Energy Networks.



Name: Aimee Dickson

Left school to: seek a career in Project Management but was unsuccessful to gain an apprenticeship in this discipline but was offered a Year In Industry placement within the Workforce Renewal team.

Now: After completing the “Year In Industry” placement, she is now entering her 3rd year of a Graduate Apprenticeship at SP Energy Networks while studying towards a degree in Business Management at Strathclyde Uni.



Name: Daniel Leggat

Left school to: Study Biochemistry & Microbiology while also working in hospitality as a restaurant manager for a number of years.

Now: After successfully completing a Project Management Apprenticeship, Daniel has become a Senior Analyst in Business Transformation at SP Energy Networks.



Name: Jithin Thomas

Left school to: Study for qualifications to become a doctor but decided he wanted to pursue a career in the creative arts while getting an English Language BA at Lancaster Uni.

Now: Jithin was successful in obtaining a Year In Industry placement at ScottishPower and is currently working as a Content Editor within the People & Organisation function.