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The Macallan’s electric vehicle ambition


The Macallan’s electric vehicle ambition

  • The Macallan Estate’s ambition to have an all-electric estate fleet by 2025 has taken an important step forward supported by ScottishPower expertise
  • ScottishPower has installed 10 charging points at the iconic Distillery, enough to charge 20 different vehicles at a time
  • Guests at The Macallan Estate will be able to make use of a selection of the charging points


The Macallan’s ambition to have an all-electric estate fleet is becoming reality, with  the installation of 10 charging points by ScottishPower.

Nestled above the River Spey in the north-east of Scotland, across 485 acres, The Macallan Estate has been home to every bottle of The Macallan’s incomparable single malt whiskies since 1824 and is an area of outstanding natural beauty that supports a rich ecosystem of plants and wildlife.

Over the next four years, The Macallan is committed to changing its fleet of passenger vehicles to electric and today, the chargers enabling this transformation have been unveiled.  Some of these electric charging points will also be made available for use by guests visiting The Macallan Estate.

Stuart Cassells, General Manager, The Macallan Estate, said: “Sustainability is a constant guiding principle for The Macallan, and we are continuously driven to explore new innovations that help us to reduce our impact in positive and lasting ways.

“We have been guardians of this 485-acre Estate for almost of 200 years and we have a responsibility to nurture and protect the land for generations to come.

“Our Distillery already sources 80% of energy from renewable sources, and we have a number of initiatives in place to help reduce our carbon footprint. The installation of electric vehicle charging points is the next step on our sustainability journey at The Macallan Estate and an important milestone in helping us move towards a more sustainable future.”

From 2030, no new cars or vans powered wholly by petrol or diesel will be available in the UK as part of work to tackle climate change. The work to install these chargers, undertaken by ScottishPower, is part of a massive change needed across Scotland to get ready for the change from petrol and diesel cars to all electric over the next decade.

At the end of 2020, ScottishPower, the first integrated energy company in the UK to generate 100% green electricity, showed its commitment to electric vehicles by announcing it will electrify its entire vehicle fleet under 3.5 tonnes within the next decade. The company is proud to be helping The Macallan to achieve their decarbonisation goal. 

Chris Carberry, Smart Solutions Director at ScottishPower, adds: “There are many steps on the journey to Net Zero and creating an all-electric commercial fleet is a hugely important one in the transition to a cleaner and greener future.

“In the year when Scotland is set to host COP26, the UN’s 26th annual climate change conference, and on World EV Day, it’s fantastic to be able to help such an iconic Scottish brand, who share our ambition of creating a better future, quicker, on their own sustainability journey.”

Eight of the electric vehicle charging points have been installed to support The Macallan Estate’s fleet while two have been made available in the public car park.