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The Fundación Iberdrola Launches A New Edition Of Its Scholarships And Research Grants Scheme


In the framework of the Steering Plan for 2010-2014


  • The institution is offering scholarships in Spain and the United Kingdom to contribute towards excellence in training in the energy field

  • It is also offering research grants in Spain, and grants for training on restoration at the Prado Museum

Following the success of earlier editions, the Fundación IBERDROLA has announced a new call of its different scholarship and research grants programmes to carry out energy and environmental studies for the 2012/2013 academic year.

The Foundation has launched the following programmes: III Call Scholarships for Master's degree studies in energy and the environment in Spain; the II Call Scholarships for postgraduate studies in energy and environment in the United Kingdom; II Call Research Grants in energy and environment; and the II Call Scholarships to fund training and research in art restoration (the latter jointly run by the Fundación IBERDROLA and the Prado National Museum).   

The enrolment process for each of the four calls opens today and will remain open until 29 February, 2012. Interested parties can access conditions and application forms on the Fundación IBERDROLA website: Fundación Iberdrola / Scholarships and Research Grants

By offering these scholarships and grants, the Foundation wishes to contribute towards excellence in training in the energy field, with a particular focus on the development of renewable energies, environmental protection, combating climate change, and the efficiency of the energy system.

- III Call for Scholarships to complete Master's degree studies in energy and the environment in Spain 

Under the auspices of its Energy and Environment Scholarship Scheme for Master's degree studies at Spanish universities or institutes of technology, the Fundación IBERDROLA is offering a total of 25 new grants for the 2012/2013 academic year.

Eligibility for these scholarships is limited to graduates and students in their final year of an undergraduate degree, who are in possession of Spanish, U.K. or U.S. nationality and wish to complete a Master's degree in the area of energy and climate change.

The Fundación IBERDROLA will pay the full academic registration fee and the amount of €10,800 (divided in nine monthly payments) to each student that qualifies for these scholarships.

- II Call for Scholarships for postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom

Following the success of the first edition, the Fundación IBERDROLA will also be granting 14 new scholarships to Spanish, U.K. and U.S. students wishing to complete postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom.

The recipients should focus their study on areas linked to energy; particularly the development of renewable energies, environmental protection, climate change and energy system efficiency.  

They will be able to choose from four very prestigious British institutions: Imperial College London, The University of Edinburgh, The University of Strathclyde and The University of Liverpool.  

The Fundación IBERDROLA will cover the full cost of the academic registration fee and pay each recipient the sum of £1,200 per month.

- II Call for Research Grants

The Fundación IBERDROLA will be awarding up to 10 grants as part of its second call for applications in the Energy for Research scheme, which is aimed at young researchers in areas linked to energy and environmental sustainability.

In order to qualify for these grants, applicants will have to carry out their studies at research institutions or universities located in Spain. They will also require the backing of their present research teams, or that of the teams where they plan to carry out their work on a full-time basis.
Recipients will be selected on the basis of criteria such as their academic record, applicant and the research team’s experience, project’s innovation and its scientific/technical prowess, as well as project feasibility.

Each grant will be worth a maximum of €20,000 per project and will last for one year.

- II Call for Grants for Training and Research in Art Restoration, jointly awarded by the Fundación IBERDROLA and the Prado Museum

Finally, the Foundation and the Prado Museum are jointly offering a new grant for Training and Research in Art Restoration. This new grant is in addition to the two grants awarded in the first edition, which have been extended for 2012.

This initiative aims at completing the training of future experts and promoting research in the field of art restoration.  Each grant is worth €15,000. 

Eligibility to this grant is limited to students in possession of a Diploma or Degree in Art Restoration from an official institution, with an expertise in Painting.  The future expert may receive training in three divisions of the Restoration Department at the Prado Museum.

About the Fundación IBERDROLA

The Fundación IBERDROLA, with Ignacio Galán as its Founding Trustee and Manuel Marín in the role of Chairman, focuses its activity in three main spheres of action: progress towards a sustainable energy model, cultural development in the countries where IBERDROLA operates, and cooperation towards development and solidarity.

In addition to its scholarships and research grants schemes, the Fundación IBERDROLA is also involved in various projects for the conservation of historic-artistic heritage. Some of the highlights include the Atlantic Romanesque Heritage Restoration Programme, a joint initiative with the Portuguese Ministry of Culture and the Regional Government of Castile and León which aims to restore Romanesque temples located in the vicinity of the rivers Duero and Támega; as well as the sponsorship and design of lighting for unique Spanish heritage buildings, such as the interior of the Chapel at the Monastery of Yuso (La Rioja) or the Basilica at the Royal Monastery of El Escorial (Madrid).

The Fundación IBERDROLA also carries out initiatives involving cooperation and contribution towards development, such as the Energy for Solidarity community grants scheme.