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SP Energy Networks Energises Major New Substation in Denny


A major milestone in the construction of the Beauly to Denny power line has been achieved, with the energisation of a new 14 acre £50 million transmission substation in Denny. The new substation is a significant part of the overall project, which is required to support renewable energy generation in the north of Scotland and, in addition, will further enhance security of electricity supplies across the country.

Construction work on the substation has been ongoing for two years, and it forms a new strategic hub on the electricity network in Central Scotland.  More than 150 people have been involved in the construction work, with engineers recently successfully energising the substation, which will control electricity transmission plant and equipment at voltages up to 400,000 volts. There are multiple phases of work on the substation through to its final completion in 2016 and this milestone completes the most significant phase.

SP Energy Networks worked closely with a range of stakeholders to carry out the project, with works designed to preserve as much of the existing habitat as possible and to restore areas of peat bog previously lost to commercial forestry.

Frank Mitchell, CEO of SP Energy Networks, said: “We are making good progress on our section of the Beauly to Denny power line, and we are pleased to have completed work on the first and most significant phase of this major new substation. It is a complex and highly sophisticated installation, and presents a considerable engineering challenge to complete the project on schedule. Overall we remain on target to finish all of the work in 2016, with the new overhead line circuits to Beauly being fully energised by the end of 2015.”

SP Energy Networks is constructing 20 km of the overall 220 km Beauly to Denny 400kV overhead line. The SP Energy Networks section consists of 64 new towers over the 20km section. The 400kV line replaces an existing 132kV line between the two locations. Tower erection commenced in June 2014 and construction is on programme with work underway on around 25% of the towers.