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Smart thermostats ‘a quick win’ for energy efficiency


Homeowners are being encouraged to adopt a new smart thermostat for their heating that can sense when windows are left open or even when no one is home and turn radiators down or off.

Smart Thermostat

Energy company ScottishPower has partnered with tado to champion the advanced technology that could lead to a saving of over 20% on energy bills, on average £267 a year*.

Its smart thermostat system can tell when a person leaves home via a linked smart phone app and turn heating down or off, and then back on again when they return.

It can also check in on the weather and make sure homes use less energy when the sun is shining, since room temperatures will be naturally higher. And it even knows when windows have been left open and can turn heating off to stop energy being wasted.

Chris Carberry, ScottishPower’s Smart Solutions Director, said: “At ScottishPower, we’re at the forefront of the changing world of energy and know that, by adopting smart technologies like this, our customers can take control of their own carbon emissions, reduce energy wastage and lower their energy bills.

“Being more energy efficient can make a big difference I’m delighted ScottishPower are partnering with tado to help our customers take advantage of the quick wins this advanced technology can bring, both for the environment and household budgets.”

Anthony Munn, Sales Director for UK&I at tado added: “Scottish Power is helping homes across the UK to use energy more efficiently and effectively. We’re really proud to be bringing our tado Smart Thermostats to their customers at a 25% discount, so Scottish Power customers can lower their bills even further. On a Scottish Power tariff, using a tado smart thermostat saves £267 per year on average, which is 22% on heating costs.”

The tado Smart Thermostats are compatible with all common heating systems. They can be easily installed at home in around 30 minutes. The associated smartphone app means homeowners can see usage patterns on their energy consumption, understand how they consume energy, and see which rooms have a higher demand for heat than others.

It can also be controlled via smart systems like Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home.

ScottishPower customers can benefit from 25% off tado smart products with costs outlined below;

£149.99 (RRP £199.99) Wireless Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+ with Hot Water Control

£134.99 (RRP £179.99) Wired Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+

£59.99 (RRP £79.99) Smart Radiator Thermostat Add-On (Single)

£104.99 (RRP £139.99) Smart Radiator Thermostat Add-On (Duo Pack)

£202.49 (RRP £269.99) Smart Radiator Thermostat Add-On (Quattro Pack)



*£267 saving based on OFGEM typical consumption of 12,000kWh, and GB average gas prices on our Standard Variable Tariff under the Energy Price Guarantee effective 1st October 2022, and based on paying by Monthly Direct Debit. tado savings of 22% applied to an assumed 98% of gas usage used for heating. The potential energy reduction figure is provided to ScottishPower based on claims by tado, based on internal data averaged across all tado customers collected up to 31/12/2021. Find out more at
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