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Severn Wye Energy Agency Celebrate after Reducing Energy Consumption by 32%


Severn Wye Energy Agency is celebrating after reducing their energy consumption by more than 30%.

The sustainable energy charity in Gloucestershire is dedicated to promoting sustainable energy and reducing fuel poverty in communities in South West England and Wales.

The independent organisation has seen the significant reduction in its energy consumption following the installation of a 5.9kW solar electric system which saw a 35m2 photovoltaic panel array, installed on the roof of its Gloucester office.  Continued efforts on energy saving have also contributed to the reduction.

The solar system was installed with the support of the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust who provided a grant of £19,327.

Alison McKean, Senior Environmental and Social Policy Manager at ScottishPower and Trustee for the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust, said:

“The installation of the solar system has played a key part in enabling SWEA to reduce its electricity consumption by almost a third, and we are delighted to have been able to play our part in achieving such a significant change.

“Supporting renewable energy sources across the UK is one of the key aims of the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust and SWEA is a leader in this field and are an excellent example of how solar energy can benefit an organisation.

SWEA had set a target of offsetting approximately 25% of the organisation’s annual electricity consumption, as well as using the system as an educational tool for school groups and others visiting the SWEA office.

Catrin Maby, Director of SWEA, said: “As a charity committed to promoting sustainable energy and reducing fuel poverty we felt it was important to lead by example and to make a significant reduction in our energy consumption.

“With the support of ScottishPower we were able to install a solar system which has exceeded our expectations, generating around 11% more than predicted in year one. It has also allowed us to play our part in educating the next generation and help them to understand the contribution that solar power can make to our energy needs in the UK.

“We can now closely monitor and statistically analyse the power generated as well as local weather conditions such as solar radiation, wind speeds and temperature to gain a deeper understanding of how this affects our energy usage and the performance of the PV system.”

County Councillor Dr John Cordwell, Chair of Gloucestershire Sustainable Energy Forum, said:

“I am delighted that this initiative, supported by a substantial grant from ScottishPower Green Energy Trust, has enabled the SWEA to obtain such a large proportion of their electricity needs from their rooftop solar array.  It is a first-class example to other individuals and organisations in Gloucestershire and beyond who turn to SWEA for advice.”  

Media Information: Paul Ferguson, 0141 566 4515 / 07702 665 924

Notes to Editors

  • The ScottishPower Green Energy Trust was founded in 1998 as an independent charitable trust to support the development of new renewable energy sources in the UK – helping to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and combat climate change

  • Photograph (from left to right) - Kaye Welfare, SWEA Assistant Director; Heather Watts, ScottishPower Green Energy Trust representative; Bart Venner, SWEA Trustee; Andrew Ward, Scottish Power and Catrin Maby, SWEA Director
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