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Second Demolition Of Steel Structures Planned At Cockenzie Power Station


As part of ongoing work at Cockenzie Power Station, ScottishPower is set to demolish a further two steel ‘Precipitator’ structures on Tuesday 25th February using controlled explosion. This follows a similar event in December. The steel structures have a height of 34 metres and a width of 10 metres by 12.5 metres.

Decommissioning work at the station has been ongoing since April 2013, following Cockenzie’s closure after 45 years of operation. The full demolition programme at Cockenzie is set to run until mid-2015. The removal of the steel structures will again be managed by ScottishPower’s contractor Brown and Mason, and the controlled explosive demolition is set to take place at 2pm.

ScottishPower continues to work closely with East Lothian Council and Police Scotland and again no road closures will be required for the demolition. The structures are located on the seaward side of the main building and an exclusion zone will be required immediately before and after the event. This will entail the short term closure of the section of the John Muir Way that runs parallel to the sea wall.

George Camps, Project Manager at ScottishPower said: “Work at Cockenzie continues on schedule, and this will be the second controlled explosive demolition to take place. The event will be very similar to the previous one in December, and we have been working with the local authority and the police to ensure the event is managed safely. The 12 remaining precipitator structures will also be removed by controlled explosive demolition, which will be planned in the coming months. As previously stated, we do not expect the chimney stacks to be removed before late Autumn/Winter this year.”

Just as in December, the short event is not expected to be a viewing spectacle, but Police Scotland and East Lothian Council have advised that any members of the public wishing to view the demolition to congregate on the Greenhills. There will be no official car parking.

ScottishPower Press Office: 0141 614 4660

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