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ScottishPower Reaffirms Support For UK Government ‘MIDATA’ Partnership


ScottishPower today re-affirmed its support for the UK Government’s groundbreaking ‘midata’ programme, which aims to give consumers better access to their personal data held by private companies.

ScottishPower has been actively working closely with the UK Government and Consumer Groups to introduce systems that will allow customers quicker and greater access to details about their energy account in a simple to use electronic format.

The company hopes that ’midata’ will not only allow customers to check that they are on the best deals in terms of price, but also gain insight into how to make best use of their energy. Midata will help consumers to understand better their usage and purchasing behaviours more broadly whilst keeping their personal details secure. ScottishPower will also work with other sectors involved in the midata project to share lessons learned.

Neil Clitheroe, the new CEO of ScottishPower Energy Retail, said: “We fully support the objectives of the midata scheme and we view this programme as an important way of giving our customers greater access to details about their energy account.  We want to be open and transparent with consumer data, and we want to build greater trust between ScottishPower and our customers.

“With greater visibility of their consumption patterns, we hope customers will be able to make better informed decisions about their energy account.”

“We have been working hard with the UK Government and Consumer Groups to consider the technical aspects of implementing this scheme, as well as ensuring that data privacy and security are considered at every step. We look forward to continuing to take a proactive role in developing the midata programme.”

Media Information: Simon McMillan/Paul Ferguson, 0141 566 4875