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ScottishPower Outlines CERT and CESP Performance


  • Approximately 340,000 homes receive energy efficiency insulation measures in total

  • Investment of more than £400 million

  • Over delivered by nearly 20% on target to install measures in the most vulnerable homes under CERT, benefiting  over 80,000 homes

ScottishPower has invested more than £400 million since the start of 2008 on measures designed to make homes more energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions. In total the company has saved carbon equivalent to insulating more than 1 million homes in the period.  Households which have benefited from energy efficiency measures such as loft and cavity wall insulation, is approximately 340,000 properties across Britain.

The Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT) and Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) were two programmes created by the UK Government which obligated energy companies to deliver energy efficiency improvements in homes across the country to help the UK achieve its targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

ScottishPower achieved all of its targets under the CERT scheme, including all of the sub-obligations. The company actually over delivered by nearly 20% in the Super Priority Group, which was the obligation designed to ensure that the most vulnerable in society benefited from the investment. More than 80,000 families in this group benefited as part of the company’s investment in insulating their homes.

In relation to the CESP scheme, all targets were achieved by the end of April 2013. All of the projects relating to CESP had been secured and approved by OFGEM by 31st December 2012, with 70% of the target delivered by that point. In total, across both programmes, the company’s investment has delivered carbon savings of more than 32.6 million tonnes.

Neil Clitheroe, CEO of ScottishPower Retail and Generation, said: “We are pleased to have achieved our targets under both of the Government’s carbon reduction schemes. Our investment of more than £400 million in the last 5 years has benefited over 1 million homes across the country – making these homes more energy efficient and reducing carbon emissions.  I am particularly pleased we have managed to install a higher proportion of insulation measures to the most vulnerable in society – helping those most in need help reduce their bills.

“Although the design of the CESP programme was challenging, making it difficult to find suitable partnerships and properties to target under the scheme, we managed to achieve 70% of our target by the end of 2012, and had already identified and contracted work to achieve the remaining 30%.   As at today, this 30% of measures has been installed in homes across the country, with approximately 20,000 families benefiting across our entire CESP programme.”