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ScottishPower Comments on the Ofgem Review of British Energy Supplies


Commenting on Ofgem’s review of Britain’s energy supplies, ScottishPower Chief Executive Nick Horler, said: “The Ofgem review has correctly identified a number of challenges that the energy industry in Britain is facing, both in the short term and over a longer period.

“As we have said for a long time, there is an urgent need for major investment in Britain’s energy industry, from the replacement of our ageing power plants, to the development of low carbon generation and the reconfiguration of the network infrastructure that is required to support this. We need to repower and rewire many areas of the country to safeguard the future security of electricity supplies.

“We also need to be clear with customers on each of the costs that make-up a typical bill. Following extensive consultation with our own customers, we know that clarity on the breakdown of costs can be improved. We are launching a pilot with a section of our customers, providing further information on billing costs, with a view to rolling it out to all customers early next year.

“Typically, less than 60% of a bill is based on wholesale costs, with investment, government obligations, the delivery of energy to the home and account management also included.

“We look forward to contributing to Ofgem's consultation to ensure we can play our part in meeting the challenges ahead."

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