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ScottishPower Announces End To Selling On The Doorstep


ScottishPower today announced it was ending the selling of energy products on the doorstep.  The energy company’s field agents will cease doorstep sales on 30th November 2011.

Neil Clitheroe, ScottishPower’s CEO of Energy Retail, said:

"The time has come to rethink the way the Company engages with its customers, recognizing that there is a need to provide them with the information they really need in order to take their energy decisions.

“We are therefore calling a halt to selling on the doorstep in the UK.  The traditional doorstep sales process is no longer relevant to the needs of today’s energy market and we recognise that we have to engage with our customers in a different way,” he said.

“However the fact remains that many customers, especially those not using the internet, value face-to-face energy advice and we are now developing a new process that will provide them with sound guidance on all household energy issues including the best tariff for their needs, energy efficiency, and insulation”.

At this week’s Energy Summit in London, ScottishPower set out proposals to the Prime Minister, David Cameron on new initiatives designed to help customers throughout the winter months -  including a Winter Price Guarantee to hold standard tariffs until April 2012.

Beyond the price guarantee ScottishPower’s winter proposals are focused on ensuring that customers are on the best available tariff and providing essential assistance on insulation and energy efficiency.  This will be delivered using traditional channels such as telephone, online and direct mail including personalised quotations for customers detailing potential savings.

To support this further and in line with the goals of the Energy Summit ScottishPower will now develop a new network of face-to-face energy advisors that will work with customers to minimise bills.

As the plans for the network are developed the company will begin a comprehensive energy advisory retraining programme for existing employees including the introduction of new technology.

Media Information: Simon McMillan 0141 566 4875 / 07753 622 257