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Partnership to Propel the Aviation Sector Towards a Hydrogen-Powered Future


ScottishPower has partnered with ZeroAvia to explore the development of green hydrogen supply solutions for key airports, which could see the decarbonisation of air travel take off.

Computer Graphics representation of a hydrogen storage tank accompanied by solar panels and wind turbines in background.
The collaboration will allow the companies to explore the hydrogen infrastructure for airports to support hydrogen-electric flight and other potential uses. ZeroAvia has a longstanding partnership with AGS Airports, including Glasgow and Aberdeen.

Hydrogen-electric engines, used by ZeroAvia, generate electricity using hydrogen fuel cells, emitting only water as a by-product. The company is advancing its technology, with plans to commercialise engines for aircraft by 2027.

ScottishPower reinforces its commitment to sustainability by supporting ZeroAvia in this ground-breaking venture. We will develop green hydrogen solutions to test and power aeroengines using electrolysers backed by 100% renewable power from our UK based windfarms. The companies will work together to contribute to the UK government’s target of achieving at least 6GW of electrolytic green hydrogen production by 2030.

Peter Jones, Director of ScottishPower’s Green Hydrogen business, said, “Green hydrogen, powered by renewable energy, can play a key role in the decarbonisation of heavy transport. We welcome the opportunity to support the aviation industry in delivering effective solutions for this important sector, enabling long-term sustainable and cost-effective outcomes for customers."

ZeroAvia, having recently secured a 70-engine agreement with Ecojet and a partnership with AGS Airports, is at the forefront of hydrogen-electric flight innovation. Sergey Kiselev, Chief Business Officer at ZeroAvia, emphasised Scotland's potential, saying, "With the plethora of existing renewables, and many projects planned, Scotland has the chance to lead the UK in developing clean hydrogen supply. Working with leading energy companies like ScottishPower can help us overcome fuelling infrastructure challenges."

This collaboration aligns with both companies' commitment to sustainable solutions, supporting the global shift towards cleaner aviation.

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