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Methil Chimney Set For Explosive End


ScottishPower has confirmed that the 300ft chimney stack at the former Methil Power Station site in Fife is due to be demolished by explosive charge next month. The company has been undertaking a range of tests in recent months to determine the best method to remove the chimney and, after close consultation with experts and local Police, has opted for explosive demolition.

The demolition is planned for mid-afternoon on Wednesday 8th June, the exact time to be confirmed. Arrangements are currently being put in place to establish an exclusion zone perimeter, and ScottishPower and the Police will be contacting nearby businesses and properties where appropriate to discuss the plans.

Planning with the Police will also ensure that areas will be set aside for residents who wish to watch the demolition.  The best viewing points will be from the Promenade car park on the east side or Harbour View on the west.  Parking in the general area will be very restricted so as far as possible the public are requested to walk to these areas or use public transport.  Due to the exclusion zone that is required there will be disruption to traffic during the afternoon of 8 June 2011 and unless attending this event the public are advised to avoid the area if they can.

Dylan Hughes, ScottishPower Project Manager, said: “The demolition plan for the chimney stack at Methil has been taken following months of discussions with experts including vibration specialists, explosives engineers and ecologists. We have also been working closely with the Police to ensure public safety whilst putting in place areas where the event can be seen.”

The removal of the chimney will mark the end of an association between the town of Methil and the 60 megawatt coal slurry-fired power station that has spanned nearly half a century.  The station became operational in 1965 and was one of only a few power plants in the UK designed to run on ‘waste coal’. The waste coal was transported to the station by road and rail from surrounding coalfields. In 2000 Methil stopped electricity generation but was kept as part of ScottishPower’s strategic reserve.

The demolition programme officially started in April 2010, and the site should be fully cleared by the end of this year. ScottishPower currently leases the land from Forth Ports, who will be responsible for determining the future use of the site.

Media Information: Paul Ferguson, 0141 566 4515 / 07702 665 924

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