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Increasing the pace at which we move towards a more sustainable economy


Increasing the pace at which we move towards a more sustainable economy is more critical than ever, but one factor that could hamper net zero ambitions is a shortage of the skills needed to achieve these targets.


The energy sector has been driving the bulk of green jobs to-date and we’ve been proud to lead the transition, but if we’re to be successful in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees or below then we will need a wider range of industries to expand their skillsets too. 

This week, as Davos kicks off, Iberdrola has released the Green Skills Outlook, new research in partnership with The Economist, which shows the world risks falling behind on the green transition without the right skills and training, even though we’re seeing most business leaders show overwhelming support for phasing out fossil fuels.  This is replicated at a UK level where a majority (71%) of business leaders agree green skills will be the most important driver, yet just 51% are implementing or planning to implement green skills programmes for their workforce.

The reality is businesses looking to future proof their workforce should consider investing in green skills ahead of need to ensure they stay ahead of the game.  The great news for job hunters is that there is a bright future if you have a green skillset and no shortage of opportunity if you are starting off your studies or career in this field. 

By sharing this research, we want to encourage more collaboration between the private sector and policymakers to ensure the UK can take advantage of wealth of opportunity the green transition has to offer.