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Ignacio Galán Reiterates Iberdrola's Firm Commitment To Training And Research


  • 49 students were awarded scholarships today to expand their studies in energy and the environment and to join the Prado Museum restoration team

  • The beneficiaries, chosen from among over a thousand candidates, will receive training at renowned learning centres in Spain, the UK and the US

In Madrid today, Ignacio Galán, Chaiman and CEO of IBERDROLA, and Manuel Marín, President of Fundación Iberdrola, have given out the 49 scholarships awarded by the foundation through calls conducted in 2011.

Fundación IBERDROLA has granted 47 scholarships for the 2011-12 school year as part of its ‘Energy for research’ study aid programme and its scholarships for masters’ degree and post-graduate studies in energy and the environment. Two grants were also given allowing beneficiaries to form part of the Prado Museum restoration team.

During his speech, Galán, who is also a founding patron of Fundación IBERDROLA, highlighted ”IBERDROLA’s firm commitment to education and research, two spheres which merit our unwavering support if we are to deal with the man challenges that our society currently faces”.

The IBERDROLA Chairman also reminded the need to respond to the fundamental challenges of security of supply, environmental sustainability and competitiveness.

Manuel Marín added that “by cooperating with leading universities in the areas of engineering and the environment in Spain, the UK and the US, Fundación IBERDROLA helps contribute to the development of excellent programmes”.

This edition of the scholarships, in which Fundación IBERDROLA has earmarked a total of €900,000 euros, entailed three calls for different social grants for this school year. Over 1,000 applications were received.

The first call included scholarships for 37 students from Spain, the UK and the US to complete their masters’ and post-graduate studies in energy- and environment-related subjects. Fundación IBERDROLA bears full enrolment costs and pays £1,200 a month to students in the UK, $2,100 a month to students in the US and €10,800 a year to students in Spain doing their masters at Spanish universities.

The second relates to the Energy for Research programme, enabling 10 researchers to expand their knowledge about sustainability and combating climate change. In this case, the beneficiaries will receive up to €20,000 per project lasting no more than one year.

Third, as part of the agreement signed last year between IBERDROLA Foundation and the Prado Museum making the foundation a supporting member of the gallery, two graduates in restoration will work for a year on the museum’s restoration.

About Fundación IBERDROLA

Fundación IBERDROLA carries out its activity in three spheres of action: contributing towards the development of a sustainable energy model cultural development in the areas where the Group has operations; and cooperation and solidarity.

In addition to its scholarship programmes, the foundation undertakes projects to preserve historical and artistic heritage. A highlight in this area is the Atlantic Romanesque Restoration Plan, which includes restoring 33 temples along the Duero river.

Fundación IBERDROLA also conducts initiatives to preserve biodiversity and support young researchers with R&D programmes, and others involving cooperation and contribution to development, such as the Energy for Solidarity social aid programme.

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