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Green hydrogen to power Lomond Wholesale


Glasgow based Lomond Wholesale have partnered with ScottishPower to explore green solutions to power their operations

•    The food wholesaler has a target of achieving Net Zero by 2025
•    Part the ScottishPower partnership will include using green hydrogen as the zero-carbon fuel to power their HGVS

Glasgow-based food wholesaler, Lomond Wholesale’s target of achieving Net Zero by 2025 is well on its way thanks to a partnership with ScottishPower.

With a fleet of over 30 vehicles, including 11 heavy goods vehicles, removing petrol and diesel engines from Lomond Wholesale’s fleet is critical to achieving their climate change targets.


Already, the wholesaler has made the switch to electric for number of their smaller vehicles, however, due to the size and range travelled by their HGVs, they need another low carbon alternative. Working with ScottishPower, the company are looking to explore the use of green hydrogen to power their HGVs which travel across Scotland delivering Scottish made produce. 

Green hydrogen is produced by using renewable electricity, like onshore wind, to power an electrolyser which splits water into its core elements; hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen can then be stored and transported to where it’s needed and offers an alternative to fossil fuels in sectors and industries that cannot be supported by electrification alone.


Sustainability has been an ethos of Lomond Wholesale since they first began over twenty years ago. The majority of their range comes from Scotland, supporting ethical and sustainable food practices across the country and the team work to continually try to minimise the miles travelled for the food supplied. 

Sam Henderson, Managing Director of Lomond Wholesale, said: “Partnering with ScottishPower to help us decarbonise our business just makes sense. They are a company that echo our commitment to a cleaner, greener future. We have worked tirelessly to minimise the carbon emissions associated with sourcing our food and now we want to be able to minimise the carbon emissions linked to getting our food to our customers.”

As Principal Partner for COP26, ScottishPower hopes that their work with Lomond Wholesale will help inspire other businesses to look at what steps they need to take to make Net Zero a reality for them.

Barry Carruthers, Hydrogen Director at ScottishPower, said: “It’s fantastic to be partnering up with a fellow Glasgow headquartered business, especially during COP26 where we can show how committed Glasgow’s businesses and people are to achieving Net Zero. Lomond Wholesale are an excellent example of the different ways in which we can help a company decarbonise, whether it’s providing green electricity to power electric vehicles, offering energy saving solutions or providing green hydrogen where it’s needed. We’re here to help all businesses, no matter how big or small, with their own journey to Net Zero.”