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Five Star Rating For ScottishPower Customer Handling


ScottishPower has received a five star rating from Which? following research by the consumer champion into the way Britain’s energy suppliers deal with customers. The detailed Which? study was based on an amalgamation of collected customer data from energy suppliers, Ofgem and Consumer Focus, that was then used to score the major suppliers in accordance with Which’s best practice guidelines.

Neil Clitheroe, CEO of ScottishPower Energy Retail said: “We want to build greater trust between ScottishPower and our customers. Over the last year we have refreshed our approach to customer service and I am pleased to see that the effort and commitment of our people is being recognised.

“We know that more can be done and we constantly strive to improve customer experience in every area of our business. To do this we speak directly to our customers and use the feedback to drive improvements.

“This month ScottishPower became the first UK energy company to launch a solution supporting the government’s MIDATA programme, which allows customers quick and easy access to data about their energy consumption history, helping to ensure that they are on the best deal for their circumstances. We want to be open and transparent with consumer data, making sure that our customers have the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their energy account.

“Following customer feedback we also launched a range of initiatives this year including a tariff check scheme, which has already encouraged more than 20,000 customers to switch to a cheaper tariff.”

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