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Eastern Link plans progress


  • Positive progress on plans for £3.4bn energy super-highway project - The Eastern Link
  • Ofgem sees clear benefit to UK consumers from building the first two HVDC links
  • In the year of COP26, SP Energy Networks welcomes Ofgem’s response to a project that will deliver essential infrastructure on the road to Net Zero

SP Energy Networks welcomes Ofgem’s consultation on the initial proposals for the first two HVDC links for the UK’s east coast. The links would deliver an underwater super-highway that would see the North Sea become the hidden power house of Europe.

Published today, 12 May 2021, Ofgem has stated there is a clear benefit to consumers to progressing with plans for the links, recognising the crucial role they play in supporting the growth of renewables and reaching the UK’s climate change targets.

The multi-billion-pound project would significantly increase the UK’s capacity for renewable power and be capable of transmitting enough electricity across the two links for around four million homes.

Work to progress each of the 2GW links will now split into two projects. SP Energy Networks, together with National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) are working on plans to deliver the Torness to Hawthorn Pit Link whilst SSEN Transmission and NGET progress with plans for the Peterhead to Selby Link.

Frank Mitchell, CEO of SP Energy Networks said: “The news today marks a positive step forward for one of the largest transmission investment projects in recent history, supporting hundreds of green jobs and providing part of the essential infrastructure needed to meet the UK’s offshore wind target by 2030 and its Net Zero ambitions by 2050.

“In six months’ time Glasgow will be hosting the United Nations 26th annual climate change conference. At the heart of this will be how we can accelerate climate action, something which we know can be achieved through innovation and investment in projects like the Eastern Link.

“We look forward to continuing to progress our plans for this project and hope to see continued momentum towards delivering this critical national infrastructure and the benefits it will bring to generators and consumers in terms of reduced system constraints.”

Together with NGET and SSEN Transmission, SP Energy Networks will now consider the detail of Ofgem’s consultation and work to address the issues raised in advance of Final Needs Case submission later this year.