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Developing the Young Workforce


Launched in 2017, #NoWrongPath is a social media movement led by the Developing Young Workforce, which provides inspiration and reassurance to young people receiving their exam results.

It aims to show young people the options that are available to them and that exam results are not necessarily the key to unlocking future success

We've joined Scotland's employers in congratulating young learners on achieving qualifications in the face of extraordinary challenges over the past two years and providing reassurance and support for their futures.

Careers don't always move in a straight line & exam results are not the only key to unlocking future success.

Read our employees' stories below

Name: Jason

Then: I left School in 2018, moved from Abu Dhabi to Glasgow in 2018 and joined ScottishPower as a Year in Industry student.

Now: I am a Power Engineer Apprentice 2020 with ScottishPower #NoWrongPath 

Jason no Wrong Path

Name: Ava

Then: I joined Wheatley Group Housing Association as a Customer Service Advisor in June 2019. I started University in September 2019, which I didn’t enjoy, so I looked at other career options. I dropped out of University in January 2020 and left Wheatley Group Housing Association in September 2020, as I was successful in my ScottishPower application.

Now: Joined ScottishPower in September 2020 as a Project Management Apprentice #NoWrongPath


Ava no Wrong Path

Name: Lindsay

Then: I went to Uni, aged 17, to study Law and Spanish. I worked at Tesco for seven years to support myself through university and after graduating. Graduating through Covid made searching for a job difficult due to high competition. However, I discovered a passion for helping local projects and charities through volunteering.

Now: I am in a graduate role at ScottishPower in the social projects and sector education team for the ScottishPower Foundation.


Name: Luke

Then: I left school half way through 6th year

Now: I did the ScottishPower apprenticeship programmes at college, which left me with electrical engineering (NC level) and a job as an apprentice overhead linesman.


Luke no Wrong Path

Name: Rohit

Then: I left School with limited qualifications, worked as a landscape gardener studying business management at college.

Now: I have got my honours degree and now work as a recruitment advisor at ScottishPower


Rohit no Wrong Path


An Open Letter to Young People: