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Celebrating International Women’s Day


On International Women's Day (IWD) we are shining a light on some of the brilliant women from across our businesses. Stephanie Anderson, Head of Regulation and Policy for SP Energy Networks says women should jump into a career in energy with both feet.

Stephanie AndersonStephanie Anderson, Head of Regulation and Policy for SP Energy Networks says "I have witnessed first-hand the significant inroads in tackling the lack of diversity in the industry. I am very proud of the work we are carrying out to encourage more people to feed our future pipeline of talent. The issue of diversity can be sensitive, and people interpret this in different ways. My interpretation of diversity includes; age; race; sex; disabilities; cultural and economic backgrounds. This must be diversity in the widest sense

"My hope for others considering a career in energy is that they simply jump in with both feet and ignore any stereotypes or preconceptions. For example, I didn't go to university in 2005 to study architecture, initially expecting to one day become the Head of Regulation at SP Energy Networks and a non-executive Director at Electralink! But here I am, and most importantly, I have been able to be myself the whole time – I have not had to change my personality to fit an outdated mould."