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£2m Boost for South Ayrshire Electricity Network


SP Energy Networks has started work on a major project to modernise the high voltage network between Monkton and Troon.

This project, which is part of a £2m investment in the area over the next few years, will see the installation of two new substations and approximately 4.5km of both high voltage and fibre optic cabling.

The cable route, which was agreed in partnership with South Ayrshire Council and Network Rail in 2014, primarily follows the cycle path verge from Monkton to Troon and was designed specifically to minimise disruption to the local community.  The main contractor is PMK Civil Engineering with the works planned to complete in early February.

This is part of a wider project, which also includes a £1.2m investment to replace existing equipment within the town’s primary substation that will further improve the security of electricity supplies in the town and the surrounding area. This will be the most significant upgrade since the substation was originally commissioned in 1963.

Graham Campbell, Ayrshire District Manager at SP Energy Networks, said: “These works will not only further improve the security of supply in the area but provide a modern and reliable infrastructure to support future development on the electricity network to accommodate growth in and around the town.

“It’s our job to keep the power flowing and the lights on, and upgrade works are a big part of ensuring that happens. We would like to thank the local residents and stakeholders for their support and patience throughout this project.

“Whilst some clearing of trees and shrubs along the cycle route was essential for these works to be carried out, we are committed to replant affected areas, and will work closely with South Ayrshire Council as part of our re-instatement plans."