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Interview with Chuck Ames (UX manager, Amazon Business)

"Innovation is one of the greatest gifts that humans have"

With a customer base of around 30 million people, Amazon has become a benchmark in terms of innovation and customer loyalty. What is its secret? One of the people behind it is Amazon Business UX Manager, Chuck Ames, who gives us an insight into the reasons behind the company's success, he also shares with us his passion for design and his dedication to the customer. Read More

Documentary on Offshore Wind Energy

'United by the wind', the most social side of offshore wind energy

Iberdrola presents 'United by the wind', a documentary that shows the most social aspect of the East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm. More than twenty workers, both from the company and from several of its suppliers, tell us about the importance of teamwork, companionship and training to set up an infrastructure of this magnitude and complexity, as well as the driving effect that this development is having on local economies. Want to know what they are? Read More

Power Purchase Agreements

What is a PPA, and what are the main benefits?

A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is a long-term agreement between a renewable developer and a consumer for the purchase of energy. The Iberdrola group has extensive experience in this sector in countries like the United States, Mexico and Spain. Learn More

Sustainability reporting

Iberdrola is the leading utility company in sustainability reporting

Iberdrola has positioned itself as the leading utility company at both the national and global level, thanks to the detail and transparency shown in the preparation and publication of its 2017 Sustainability Report and on the company website. Read More

Digital Summit 2018

Digitisation, one of our strategic pillars

The San Agustín del Guadalix campus hosted on 17 and 18 October the latest Digital Summit, a meeting that once again demonstrated the Iberdrola group's commitment to the digital transformation and where representatives from Google and Microsoft took part. Find Out More

Neolithic discovery at East Anglia ONE Suffolk

New archaeological finds unearthed in Suffolk

The remains of a Neolithic timber trackway dating to 2,300 BC was discovered during an archaeological dig carried out prior to laying underground cables to connect the East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm with the UK national electricity grid. Discover More

Iberdrola In The United States

We are one of the biggest energy companies in the United States

The Iberdrola group has consolidated its position as one of the leading energy companies in the United States, where it is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as AVANGRID, Inc., a sustainable company with assets of US$31 billion, 6,500 employees and operations in 24 states of the country. Read More

World's Most Ethical Companies

Iberdrola among the world’s most ethical companies by Ethisphere Institute

For the fifth consecutive year Iberdrola has been selected as one of the most ethical companies in the world, according to the 2018 World's Most Ethical Companies, ranking prepared by the Ethisphere Institute, setting the standards of best business practices. Read More

Smart Grids

Iberdrola has installed more than 12 million smart meters

The deployment of smart grids carried out by Iberdrola through its network affiliates in Spain, the United States, and Brazil, and through its commercial subsidiary in the United Kingdom, has contributed to the progressive modernisation and digitalisation of the electrical grid in these countries. More Information

Wind Turbine Blades

The main curiosities of wind turbines and its blades revealed

Have you ever wondered how a wind turbine tower can support so much weight? Or why they are all orientated in the same direction? This is the nature of wind turbines, the giants of renewable energy. More Information

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