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Our Generation business ensures we have enough power to continue delivering the energy that’s needed. We deliver competitive energy and ancillary services from across our portfolio of hydro and gas plant, while minimising our environmental impact.

Generation's Activities

ScottishPower Generation is organised around its physical assets. We use forward thinking ways of providing power, like our hydro-electric power stations, our CCGT power stations and our biomass processing plant near Glasgow, which manufactures fuel pellets from sewage sludge.

Generation work hard to meet our production commitments – including plant efficiency, availability, flexibility targets, reliability targets and maintenance outage schedules. Our remit doesn’t end there though, Generation also works towards originating value-enhancing opportunities for our business and the team work closely with Iberdrola's Global Energy Management team.

Our approach to managing environmental issues is underpinned by the principles of Iberdrola's Environmental Policy.

The ScottishPower Generation Integrated Management System Policies outline our local approach to the management of health, safety, environment, quality and asset management of business continuity.

Infographic, Retail and Generation at a glance [PDF]

ScottishPower Generation Website

Visit the ScottishPower Generation website for more information about this part of our company.

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