Carer Network

Our Carer’s Network aims to help staff currently caring for family and friends by having past carers and people with an interest in helping others to support them. In practice it means running events and raising awareness while offering support and a community that makes it easy to talk or ask for help if needed.

If you’d like to help we’d love to hear from you – our network is open to all. Similarly, if you are caring for someone just now, please reach out to us. We’re here to offer help.

Meet Carer’s Network Member – and Chair,  Lisa

"I have cared for a number of family members and also lead teams with employees with caring responsibilities. I found in the past that it has been hard for people to be open about their situations - which can cause additional stress, and meant that at times my team members and in fact myself felt isolated and unsure where to go for help. Joining the network has not only given me support and the opportunity to share experiences but it has given a vital community for all employees, it has taken away the taboo and sometimes the guilt of being a carer."

Lisa – Standard of Conduct and Consumer Vulnerability Manager, 18 years with ScottishPower