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Iberdrola Renovables Increases Production By 20% In The First Quarter


The company’s installed capacity reaches 9,624 MW


  • The company installed 323 MW in the period and consolidated its position as world leader in the wind power industry
  • The strongest growth was achieved in the US with 155 MW installed in the first three months of the year, reaching a total of 3,031 MW

IBERDROLA RENOVABLES increased its power production by 20% in the first quarter (year-on-year growth) to 5,398 million kilowatts hour (kWh).

Wind power, at 5,226 million kWh, accounted for 96.8% of all electricity produced in the first three months of 2009. By market, the Spanish wind farms accounted for 2,597 million kWh (48.1% of the total), US facilities, 1,731 million kWh (32.1%), farms in the UK for 466 million kWh (8.6%) with the remaining 431 million kWh produced elsewhere (RoW 8%).

The mini-hydro power stations meanwhile generated 172 million kWh of power in the first quarter, representing 3.2% of overall electricity produced by the company during the period.

IBERDROLA RENOVABLES had installed capacity of 9,624 MW at the end of the first quarter, 27.3% higher than a year earlier. Of this figure, 9,282 MW corresponds to wind farms, with mini-hydro facilities accounting for 342 MW. The company thus bolsters its position as world leader in the wind power industry*.

In the January-March period, the company installed 323 MW and made headway towards the objective of further internationalisation and geographical diversity. The highest growth rate was seen in the US, where 155 MW were installed (reaching a total of 3,031 MW) in the Farmer’s City, Penascal 1, Locust Ridge 2 and Dry Lake farms.

The installed capacity in the UK, which currently stands at 704 MW, was increased by 39 MW, installed at Whitelee in Scotland, the largest wind farm in Europe (with a capacity of 269 MW at the end of March).

The remaining 929 MW is mainly located in Europe, with noteworthy capacity in Greece (217 MW), France (219 MW), Poland (160.5 MW), Germany (63 MW), Portugal (92 MW) and lastly, Hungary (50 MW), which joined the list of countries with company wind farms in the first quarter thanks to the new opening in Kisigmand. The company also has 49.3 MW in Brazil and a further 78.2 MW in Mexico.

IBERDROLA RENOVABLE’s installed wind power capacity in Spain stands at 4,959 MW. The production network, which is spread over 13 different autonomous regions, is distributed as follows: 1,929 MW in Castilla-La Mancha; 1,052.3 MW in Castilla-León; 627 MW in Galicia; 466 MW in Andalucía; 278.3 MW in Aragón; 248 MW in La Rioja; 153 MW in the País Vasco; 76 MW in Murcia; 56.4 MW in Valencia; 44 MW in Navarra; 23 MW in Cantabria; 5 MW in Extremadura; and 1 MW in the Autonomous Region of Madrid.

Among the wind farms installed in Spain during the first quarter, it is worth highlighting Altamira, Cerro de la Higuera and Cortijo de la Linera in Andalucía, and Bullana and Radona 1 and 2 in Castilla - León. In Galicia, the installation of the Vieiro farm was concluded.

* Source: New Energy Finance

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