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SP Energy Networks

Our SP Energy Networks business distribute electricity on behalf of supply companies to over 3.5 million homes in the south of Scotland, Cheshire, Merseyside, North Shropshire and North Wales through a network of cables and power lines we own and maintain. We do it responsibly. We do it with respect for people and for the environment. We do it looking at the long term, not just today. We do it innovatively.

Our business priorities

Two broad priorities dictate everything we do. These are simply, people and our planet. In addition to these, our business priorities include:

  • Health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public
  • Security of supply
  • Customer satisfaction – that means getting it right first time, every time
  • Implementation of Energy Policy
  • Delivery of capital investment to modernise the network and connect new customers.

*In addition to developing our network we place a lot of emphasis on maintaining it in a good state of repair and have an extensive inspection regime to identify and act upon potential problems. Replacing the vast network would cost more than £10bn so it is vital that we invest in our people to give them the skills for this critical work. 

Contact us

If you have a power loss or emergency, please contact us on the number listed below:

  Central & Southern Scotland Cheshire, Merseyside North
Shropshire & North Wales
From a landline: 0800 092 9290 0800 001 5400
From a mobile phone: 0330 1010 222 0330 1010 400

If you want to connect to our network, please contact us:

Telephone: 0141 614 9997
Fax: 0141 614 0145
In writing: SP Energy Networks
Customer Connections
55 Fullarton Drive,
G32 8FA
Telephone: 0845 270 0783
Fax: 0151 221 2494
In writing: SP Energy Networks
Customer Connections
PO Box 290
Lister Dr
L13 7HJ

For all other network enquiries, please go to

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